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Is Marriage Like Football?

I had a very bad night on Sunday as did a lot of other people.  I had been waiting with anticipation for weeks for the big day, after 15 years my team had finally made it back to the Superbowl.  Every season I watched my team start out the season with a clean slate.  So much hope that this might finally be the year.  Even as we went through several quarterbacks and few different coaches there was always that glimmer of hope and a bit of anticipation that this might finally be our year.  

Year after year went by as I remained loyal to my team, watching every game on t.v.  And one day it happened, after over ten years I finally received my invitation to purchase season tickets.  Yes! I thought, I was so excited to finally sit in the stands with all of the other fans and scream, yell and pound my feet til they ached creating a mini-earthquake that would just barely register on the Richter scale. Even after all the losses, missing the post season and the changing of the guard I hung in there.  Then he arrived.   Peyton Manning. Could it be that he was our Mr. Right?  Could he be the one that might finally take us to the big game?  I wasn’t sure but I was willing to participate in the frenzy of excitement, and it was exciting, and keep my fingers crossed that he was the one.  

Of course the first year was disappointing we didn’t quite make it all the way.  But this year, this was finally it.  We had finally made it, and then, well you probably know what happened after that.  We dropped the ball, a lot.  It seemed as if we didn’t even care, as if after that first fumble we just couldn’t get it back together and then just gave up. By halftime it appeared as if we were just standing on the sidelines watching them actually play while we just stood there seemingly saying “huh, well not worth fighting for” and we walked away.

I feel as though marriage parallels this in a way.  You wait in anticipation for that perfect person and then one day they finally arrive, this is it, you are finally going to the big game.  And then after you get there mistakes are made, things don’t go exactly as planned, you seem to be on opposing sides.  But rather than fight for what you want it’s just too easy to give up.  You are tired and would prefer to just sit on the sidelines and let things happen rather than do whatever it takes to try to save the game.  Marriage is hard, you are going to get knocked down, hurt, roughed up, yelled at, and maybe even be sidelined with an injury for a while but you have to get back out there, no matter how tired and defeated you are.  You have to huddle up and make a plan, get on the same team, run the ball down the field a few yards at a time and score a touchdown for your marriage.  If nothing else, punt.  

  The difference between a successful person
and others is not a lack of strength,
not a lack of knowledge,
but rather in a lack of will.
-Vince Lombardi 

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