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We All Need Someone To Lean On

Having been in the business of family law for almost 20 years the one thing I know for sure is when you are going through a divorce it can be a very lonely place. Your relationship probably began deteriorating many months or possibly years earlier. During this time my guess is that your family, friends, co-workers, the person that does your hair, does your nails etc. etc. have heard all about, many times. It’s possible that some of those friends are not even your friends anymore because they sided with your spouse or were friends with your spouse first. So things are dragging out, maybe you have already gotten the divorce but you are having post-decree issues. This could literally be going on for years. At some point you realize that your friends and family have heard enough. Or maybe you didn’t and they made you painfully aware. Oops.

I began a support group specifically for anyone going through this and needing someone to talk to. I know based on the phone calls to my office on a daily basis that so many people are just desperately looking for someone to talk to. I am a complete stranger yet people feel compelled to pour their souls out to me and relieve themselves of the anger and sadness they are feeling. I am a willing receiver because I have been there myself.

I think it is important and healthy to be able to talk to someone when you are going through bad times. I also think it helps to talk to someone who understands. I realize that our friends and family are always there for us, but why not give them a break – maybe find a support group and you be the listener for a change. You might get more out of it than you could have ever imagined.

I’m listening.

Frasier Crane

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