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Wasted Time

My ex lives in another state.  He rarely gets down here to see his kids even though he is only six hours away.  When he does come down the kids are usually a side note, and most of the time he is in no condition to spend any meaningful time with them anyway.  You see he is an alcoholic.  He chooses to spend his time buried in a bottle.  He complains that the kids don’t ever want to talk to him.  It’s not that they don’t want to talk to him, it’s that they can’t.  He is incoherent most of the time, makes little to no sense when he is and has no idea how to even talk to them anyway.  So rather than try he just blames them.

How does he not even see past the end of the bottle to the two beautiful children standing right in front of him.  How does he not even acknowledge or care that he is missing out on their lives, time that he will never get back, nor will they.  How do you walk through life oblivious to the fact that you are a dad and have children that need you.  I will never understand how someone could choose alcohol over their family.

The bottle will soon be empty, just as he will.  He will drown himself in more alcohol to try and fill that emptiness, but it will just come back the next day and he’ll start the process all over again.  He stares into the empty bottle, his life a lonely mess, all the while two children that would happily replace that bottle, fill the empty place in his heart with love and joy and welcome him into their lives again, instead sit and wait for the phone call telling them that he is no more.

My Divorce Coach Intl.

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