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A Change Is Coming

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Happy New Year everyone.  This year will be a year of big changes for me.  My youngest daughter will be going to college and I will officially be an empty-nester, I will be selling the home I have lived in for 17 years and I will be releasing my first non-fiction book – Start Here: A Guide Through Divorce and Recovery.  I am also going to start a crowd funding campaign to assist me in raising money to start a parenting boot camp.

As a child I suffered through my parents’ very contentious divorce.  I endured things that stick with me today, 40 years later.  I have worked in family law for over 20 years and have had to watch some of my clients also subject their children to the disaster that was their divorce.  My hope is to assist parents going through a divorce with children to become better parents and understand the ramifications of doing anything other than being the best possible parent they can be and setting an example that their kids will carry with them into adulthood.

My goal is to prevent as many children as possible from being forced into the middle of their parents’ divorce, it is not fair and it is not right and I want to change that.

My Divorce Coach Intl.



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