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The Tragedy That Is Life In American Schools

Once again innocent children have died.  They went to school and paid the ultimate price.  When will we decide that our children are worth more to us than the right for anybody who wants a gun to have a gun, including other children.

Is it possible if the people who were making these or not making these laws lost their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren they might actually stop worrying about insuring their campaign funds, even if it is from the NRA, so they can sit around and do nothing except offer up prayers and do the right thing? I’m sorry to say but God is not going to stop this, only the people we have put in charge of our safety can but they are unwilling.

As ordinary citizens the only thing we have control over is voting out those that believe it is just the price you pay for living in this country and voting in those that believe military grade weapons have no place in a civilized society.  Even if you believe in your right to own a gun I find it very difficult to believe that you agree that what is happening in this country, in our schools or any public place is ok or that every man woman and child should be constantly armed and prepared for a gun fight.  When someone argues that teachers should be armed in order to thwart this type of event wouldn’t it make more sense to enact common sense gun laws that would prevent it in the first place?  Does it really make sense that the solution to gun violence is more guns?

To all of those parents who are divorced or in the process of divorce, you now will most likely only see your children half as much as you are used to.  For that reason and the sad prospect that none of us know what day might be the last for our children, use your time wisely.  Love your children, let them know that every day.  Do not waste your time fighting with an ex, disparaging an ex, trying to “win”.  Even if your child does make it to adulthood, time is fleeting, it goes very very fast – don’t let it pass you by.  Take advantage of every minute you have with them so the memories you look back on are the absolute best they can be.

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