I have worked in family law for twenty years, I thought I was so smart and knew everything. I was sure I had my own marriage handled and I would never become a statistic, until I did. I separated from my husband thinking that we just needed some time apart and that he would eventually […]

Wasted Time

My ex lives in another state.  He rarely gets down here to see his kids even though he is only six hours away.  When he does come down the kids are usually a side note, and most of the time he is in no condition to spend any meaningful time with them anyway.  You see […]

Things I Learned After My Divorce

That I Don’t Need a Man I always thought for me to be happy and whole I needed a man in my life.  For the most part up until my divorce I always had a boyfriend, most of them long term, and then my husband.  I really didn’t think I could be alone.  When the […]

9 Things To Get You Organized Before You File

Ensure you know where all financial accounts are and that you have access to them. If you are unsure about this you can download your credit report through Experian, Equifax or TransUnion.  All open and closed accounts will be listed with most recent balances. Take inventory of your possessions Take a quick inventory of your […]

Top 5 Things I Don’t Regret About My Marriage

ThThWhile some of us would look back at our marriages with regret, spite and bitterness, there are usually some good things that come out of it as well.  Of course if you had children that may be something that you do not regret, although you may be having a difficult co-parenting relationship and wish you […]

The Best Revenge

I have been divorced for 2 1/2 years, for the most part things have been uneventful.  I have full custody of our two children and my ex lives in another state and never sees our kids unless he happens to be in town for something – they are usually an afterthought unfortunately.  Nevertheless, it has […]

5 Myths

Following is an article written by Jessica Mason regarding the five myths about divorce.  However, keep in mind that laws vary from State to State and this is very general information, not intended as legal advice. It Matters if they Cheated: The biggest misconception I see with clients is that they think their soon-to-be-ex spouse’s […]

Six Things

Contemplating divorce is a scary proposition, especially if you have been married for a long time.  Your whole identity is wrapped up in the other person.  Even though I have been apart from my ex for three years, I constantly catch myself saying “we” instead of me or I.  For 16 years it was we […]