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Fake It Til You Make It

The other night I was out with a friend, having an o.k. time.  Honestly it was just another Saturday night sitting in a bar having drinks, watching football and men.  I wasn’t having a horrible time but I have been doing this same thing with my girlfriend for a long time now, with the same […]

Thank you all the same

So having been separated for over two years, I have recently fully opened myself up to dating again.  It is a difficult thing to do after 15 years of marriage and being “not so young” anymore.  Going down that road again can be hard especially when you are still dealing with an ex.  You are […]

Where Are All The Singles?

Have you ever felt like when you were married men/women were everywhere and now that you are single they are nowhere to be found. When I was married it seemed as though I had men hitting on me everywhere I went, even when I was at the playground with my kids. They were mostly polite […]

What Are You Looking For? 20 Things You Should.

When I was younger, before I was married, my ideal man was fairly simple: 1. He had to be hot (to me that meant long hair musician) 2. He had to have a job (any job was fine with me – I fell madly in love with a guy that worked at the car wash) […]

No Sex

We all know that our legislatures really don’t do much.  It has been widely reported that our current congress has been the least productive in all of history. it appears that they spend quite a bit of time trying to kill anything that is proposed by the other party and pandering to lobbyists and people […]


Its been over two years since I have been separated from my ex.  During this time I have pretty much kept to myself men wise.  After almost 14 years of marriage it has taken me a while to “ready” myself again.  A lot of people have no trouble moving on but not me. Going down […]

Is Marriage Like Football?

I had a very bad night on Sunday as did a lot of other people.  I had been waiting with anticipation for weeks for the big day, after 15 years my team had finally made it back to the Superbowl.  Every season I watched my team start out the season with a clean slate.  So […]

Finding Your Indentity

Why is it when our marriage breaks up we are embarrassed to tell people? Is it because we feel like a failure and don’t want to admit it? Is it because we just don’t want to talk about it or have to explain?  Is it that we just can’t stand to hear ourselves say it […]

The Perfect Match

In my last post I talked about getting out there and starting over again.  I talked about all the reasons not to and the reasons why you should, convincing myself, and maybe some others, that it’s time to move on and put yourself out there again.  So after two years of thinking about it, half […]

Starting Over

I have decided that it’s time to start dating again.  Now as you may know after many years of marriage and maybe a kid or two or three this is a scary proposition.  It’s hard to get up the courage to put yourself out there again because you have already been down this road, maybe […]