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Happy New Year -10 Reasons To Be Happy Your Divorced In the New Year

Almost exactly four years ago I split with my ex.  It was New Years Day when I asked him to leave.  I was scared to death.  I did not plan it, I was not waiting for the holidays to be over, I wasn’t thinking “out with the old…”, something happened that day, actually a few […]

What’s In A Name?

When preparing my Decree of Dissolution I was filling in all of the blanks, names, kids, dates, etc.  When I came to the line that said “The Petitioner requests a name change to ____, I wasn’t sure what to do.  I have been Mrs. somebody for so long now that it wasn’t even a thought […]


Today being Memorial Day it got me to thinking.  I realize that the whole point of Memorial Day is to remember those who fought for our freedom, we stop and pause and maybe say a little prayer, and quietly thank them for their service and for paying the ultimate price for people they never even […]

In the News

So today I am going to write a few thoughts about some things I have seen in the news recently.   It was reported that a man in New York was branded “unfit” for refusing to take his five year old to McDonald’s. Apparently the man in question is going through a contentious divorce and […]

The Guilt Trip

Why is it that no matter how much we do for our kids we always feel guilt for not having done more.  Case in point:   My daughter is on a performance team, she has been doing this for many years.  Recently she had to perform a 25 second dance at half time at a […]

Badmouthing Me? What did I do?

As I write this post I feel confident in what I am writing with regards to dealing with a co-parent.  I just received validation from my daughter that how I am handling my own situation is dead on.  She has been avoiding talking to her father and I didn’t know why.  I continue to prompt her to call him […]

When your ex is a jerk – scenario 1

In the scenario I presented in my previous post I asked what the best response would be to an ex who is constantly showing up late or not at all for his parenting time.  I presented four responses and here is how each response would play out. a) WRONG RESPONSE: pitching a fit will get […]