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The Gift of Children

I have been given a gift, for which while I am extremely grateful, I am at the same time angry.  Everyday I go to work and try to help parents work out a parenting time schedule.  Usually one in which both parents have equal time with their children.  This likely entails an every other weekend […]

Making Memories

There’s nothing more difficult as when the holidays come around and it’s not your holiday.  For any single parent you understand.  Whether it’s Memorial Day or Labor Day, Christmas or Thanksgiving, the absence is felt.  Memories abound of the days when you approached the holidays as a family.  Maybe you made plans to perhaps spend […]

Should You Celebrate Your Divorce?

When I got divorced I kept getting the same question – are you going to celebrate?  And I kept giving the same answer, no. After all what’s to celebrate?  Should I celebrate the fact that I failed at one of the biggest and longest romantic relationships of my life? Should I celebrate the fact that […]

I’m Sally O’Malley and I’m 50! (Molly Shannon – SNL)

A few days ago I turned 50.  It is quite sobering when you find yourself a half century old knowing that you have now lived over half of your life.  I must say I wasn’t really looking forward to it and it still stings a bit.  Looking at myself in the mirror knowing what I […]

Why Should I Care?

My ex is an alcoholic.  This is the reason our marriage broke up.  For most of our marriage he drank, but not heavily so it wasn’t a problem, at first.  We had a good marriage and a good life.  We both worked, him full-time me part-time so I could care for our kids. He had […]


With Thanksgiving coming up this week I have been reflecting on this past year and wondering just what I have to be thankful for.  I started out the year underemployed and have been trying to catch up ever since. My ex is still unemployed and I have been fighting to get my child support on […]

The other day when I was talking with my daughter she said something to me that really threw me.  She told me that she wouldn’t mind living my life.  Seriously?  After everything she/we have been through these past few years and even beyond that, with my divorce and everything that led up to it, I […]

Taking Responsibility

What happens when you have an ex-spouse who is ordered to pay child support but refuses. They choose to stay under the radar by voluntarily not working, being underemployed or only working jobs where they are paid cash. I will never understand the mindset of a person who has children but refuses to take any […]

Why Get Married?

Over the last few months I have run into several people with whom I was friends while my kids were in elementary school.  At that time there were maybe one or two kids whose parents were divorced.  All of the rest of us were “happily” married, or so it seemed.  Recently it has come to […]

What Is A Father – Ask Jason Patric

What does it mean to be a Father?  Does the name alone give you the right to be a parent? What if you are an absentee Father, then are you just the sperm donor?  Can you really call yourself a Father if you don’t see or speak with your children?  Can you be a Father […]