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A Change Is Coming

Happy New Year everyone.  This year will be a year of big changes for me.  My youngest daughter will be going to college and I will officially be an empty-nester, I will be selling the home I have lived in for 17 years and I will be releasing my first non-fiction book – Start Here: […]


The holidays are just about over and you might be thinking about starting your divorce.  Nobody really wants to be doing this but sometimes it just has to be done. To that end on my website I have a handy checklist to get you started.  In the next few weeks I will be releasing my […]

Holiday Happiness

The holidays are upon us and for those of you that are living in a divided household you have my sympathy. The holidays can be difficult for some people even when everything is going fine, but when you add in a broken marriage, kids that are being shuffled back and forth between households and loneliness […]

Wasted Time

My ex lives in another state.  He rarely gets down here to see his kids even though he is only six hours away.  When he does come down the kids are usually a side note, and most of the time he is in no condition to spend any meaningful time with them anyway.  You see […]

The Best Revenge

I have been divorced for 2 1/2 years, for the most part things have been uneventful.  I have full custody of our two children and my ex lives in another state and never sees our kids unless he happens to be in town for something – they are usually an afterthought unfortunately.  Nevertheless, it has […]

Why Should I Care?

My ex is an alcoholic.  This is the reason our marriage broke up.  For most of our marriage he drank, but not heavily so it wasn’t a problem, at first.  We had a good marriage and a good life.  We both worked, him full-time me part-time so I could care for our kids. He had […]

We All Need Someone To Lean On

Having been in the business of family law for almost 20 years the one thing I know for sure is when you are going through a divorce it can be a very lonely place. Your relationship probably began deteriorating many months or possibly years earlier. During this time my guess is that your family, friends, […]

I Drank The Kool-Aid And I Liked It

For most of my late teens and 20’s I was in two different long term relationships.  I went from living at home to living with a boyfriend.  This particular boyfriend was very good to me at first, taking care of everything.  I worked but it was in an endless string of dead end jobs.  Never […]

Is Marriage Like Football?

I had a very bad night on Sunday as did a lot of other people.  I had been waiting with anticipation for weeks for the big day, after 15 years my team had finally made it back to the Superbowl.  Every season I watched my team start out the season with a clean slate.  So […]

Happy New Year

So here we are yet another new year.  Many people look at this as a “fresh start”.  Leave the past behind and start anew.  We make resolutions that most of us never keep.  Our intentions are good but sometimes it’s just too difficult avoid those delicious donuts or get to the gym every day. Maybe you […]