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Wasted Time

My ex lives in another state.  He rarely gets down here to see his kids even though he is only six hours away.  When he does come down the kids are usually a side note, and most of the time he is in no condition to spend any meaningful time with them anyway.  You see […]

The Gift of Children

I have been given a gift, for which while I am extremely grateful, I am at the same time angry.  Everyday I go to work and try to help parents work out a parenting time schedule.  Usually one in which both parents have equal time with their children.  This likely entails an every other weekend […]

It Goes By So Fast

I haven’t been able to write this blog on a regular basis as I should.  For all of you parents out there raising kids on your own you will understand.  I am feeling overwhelmed at times with everything going on in my life, in addition to working a regular job, I am in the process […]

Time to Put the Oxygen Mask On

Lately I have been working with a few clients that no matter what we say are determined to screw themselves in their divorce. In these particular cases both are women and both, I can surmise, have been emotionally abused by their husbands. Now that their husbands have left them and have moved on with other […]

Happy Father’s Day

Today I went to the grocery store with my daughter and was surprised to see just how many men were at the store, I’m not sure but it appeared there were almost more men than women.  I thought it odd being that it was Father’s Day and that so many men were actually grocery shopping […]

Empty Nest

This week I am taking my daughter on college tours.  We will be looking at several colleges, none of which are in my State.  I knew this time would come eventually, but I don’t think you are ever fully prepared.  It was always somebody else’s kids who were leaving for college, moving away or whatever, […]

Making Memories

There’s nothing more difficult as when the holidays come around and it’s not your holiday.  For any single parent you understand.  Whether it’s Memorial Day or Labor Day, Christmas or Thanksgiving, the absence is felt.  Memories abound of the days when you approached the holidays as a family.  Maybe you made plans to perhaps spend […]


So on Friday I took my daughter for her first college visit.  She was excited but a bit nervous as well.  I can say I was a bit nervous too, this was also my first college visit.  I grew up in a large family with a single mom, we had little to no money so […]

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

This is a subject I have talked about before but a recent client has brought it to my attention again and I think it bears repeating. It seems as though more and more people are trying to do their divorces on their own.  Most all of the forms and instructions are online.  Many people think […]

Why Should I Care?

My ex is an alcoholic.  This is the reason our marriage broke up.  For most of our marriage he drank, but not heavily so it wasn’t a problem, at first.  We had a good marriage and a good life.  We both worked, him full-time me part-time so I could care for our kids. He had […]