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Time to Put the Oxygen Mask On

Lately I have been working with a few clients that no matter what we say are determined to screw themselves in their divorce. In these particular cases both are women and both, I can surmise, have been emotionally abused by their husbands. Now that their husbands have left them and have moved on with other […]

Fake It Til You Make It

The other night I was out with a friend, having an o.k. time.  Honestly it was just another Saturday night sitting in a bar having drinks, watching football and men.  I wasn’t having a horrible time but I have been doing this same thing with my girlfriend for a long time now, with the same […]

What Are You Looking For? 20 Things You Should.

When I was younger, before I was married, my ideal man was fairly simple: 1. He had to be hot (to me that meant long hair musician) 2. He had to have a job (any job was fine with me – I fell madly in love with a guy that worked at the car wash) […]

For the Men

After practicing in the area of family law for almost 20 years there is one thing I have noticed that is a recurring theme, men don’t always get the respect they deserve.   In the firm I work for we have had just as many men clients as women, however there is a tendency to […]

Taking Care of Myself

As I stood there face to face with him, so close I could smell the sandwich he had for lunch still on his breath, his hands firmly grasped around my neck>  Not so tight that I could not breath but tight enough that I began to writhe in pain, I knew there would be a […]