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I Have a Dream

As a solo parent all responsibilities fall on you.  You must get your kids to school everyday, help them with homework, get them to and from after school activities, decide what they will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, shop for and cook most of those meals, shop for all of the clothes, school supplies […]

The Tragedy That Is Life In American Schools

Once again innocent children have died.  They went to school and paid the ultimate price.  When will we decide that our children are worth more to us than the right for anybody who wants a gun to have a gun, including other children. Is it possible if the people who were making these or not […]

Miss Your Kids Much

Recently my ex disappeared for a month, although he doesn’t live nearby nor see our kids regularly he usually calls them fairly regularly and responds when they call him.  But for over a month there was no contact, no returned messages, texts, emails, nothing.  When we tried to contact him through his family we were […]

Don’t Divorce Your Kids

So this last week I was on vacation with my kids.  Just the three of us.  This was the first vacation we have taken without my ex that didn’t involve driving to visit family.  I must admit for some reason I was a little nervous about going on a vacation with just me and the […]

Your Kids Are Not Your Therapist

I recall when my mom and dad split, my mom was beside herself.  She was a stay at home mom with six kids.  After 17 years of marriage the person who had defined her for almost half her life was about to walk out the door and into the arms of someone else. She was […]

Another shooting

So once again I find myself listening to the news about yet another shooting at a mall.  It seems like every day it’s something else, somewhere else.  My daughter spends a lot of time walking around our local mall with her friends.  Should I be worried?  She goes to school everyday an apparently popular place […]

Make the most of your time

I just spent an hour in the car with my teenager teaching her how to drive, well actually how to not hit anybody while she is trying to learn to control the car.  Believe me I AM NOT  the person you want teaching you how to drive a car.  I am actually a good driver […]

When your ex is a jerk – scenario 2

So you probably figured out that the answer to this scenario is: a) WRONG – bad form.  don’t sink to her level, what’s the point. b) WRONG – you could sue her or at least try but it will cost you so much more emotionally and financially then it’s worth c) CORRECT: just let it […]