7 Things

This last week I have been very ill.  Most days I was hardly able to get out of bed let alone do the things required of me on a daily basis.  Yet, I did.  As a parent of two with no help, no matter how sick I was I still had to get up everyday, get my kids to school, pick them up on the days they had to stay late and make sure there was food in the house for them to eat.  As much as I would have given all that I have to stay home in bed, I also had to go to work everyday.  Because I am a contract worker I don’t get paid if I do not work, and being a single parent, I need to work.

All this being said there are so many things I miss about being having a significant other such as:

1. Having a shoulder to cry on for whatever reason;

2. Having the second income so I can take a day off when needed;

3. Having someone to cook for me and take care of me when I need it or just because;

4. Having someone to take care of all the little things, and some of the big things, around the house because they have a clue what they are doing.

5. Having someone to hold my hand;

6. Having a hand to hold;

7. Having romantic love

I miss these things and so much more.  However, when asked, if my ex ever got himself together would I take him back? The answer without question is a definitive NO.  I miss so many things about married life but in a million years I would never go back to my married life the way it was.  I would rather be sick every day of my life then do that again.

“Some people think that it’s holding on that makes one strong; sometimes it’s letting go.”

2 comments on “7 Things

  1. I understand. I am a single mother of an 18 year old son that I have raised alone. I had a horrible sinus headache and nausea yesterday. I was incredibly grateful that my son brought me water, the trash can, gave me a neck rub and on my request sat on the couch beside me and let me rest my head on his shoulder while he used my phone to check his Facebook. Days of cuddling in the morning are in the past for us but I was thankful he understood or at least tolerated my need for physical touch on my sick bed yesterday. Thank God the sickness lifted. It may have been partially stress related, thus him coming home and giving me love lifting the fog of misery. I was shocked how quickly I began to feel better after he attended to my needs.

    • You are lucky to have your son, just goes to show that even though it may seem like it more often than not, they do care about us still! I am so glad you are feeling better, there have been so many studies about the healing power of touch. I 100% believe in it, not having the closeness of another person can either keep you from getting better sooner and can actually lower your immune system so that you are sick more often and for longer. My kids will be grown and gone soon so I can only hope I have someone in my life to make up for the gaping loss I will feel when they are gone.

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